Welcome to Primary

Brainwave is a 6-level English primary course that offers a complete linked program.  This is created to face the modern advanced classes.

Recognized for innovation in ELT

Brainwave was shortlisted for the ELTons 2013 Excellence in Course Innovation Award. The ELTons are international awards that recognize and celebrate innovation in English language teaching.

Subjects and materials:

  • Student Book
  • Student Technology pack with digital student book
  • Language activity book
  • Progress Journal
  • Student Website
  • Grammar and writing workbook
  • Selections (Reading anthology)
  • Art
  • Scinece for all grades
  • Geography up to 4th to 6th grades

All these materials provide an exciting way for the students to experience English lessons with interactivities, stories, audios, flash cards, and more!

Each one of the lessons can be viewed in laptops, tablets, or desktop computers.

Marist’s Certificate

Marist’s Certificate to all the students from 6th grade.


This is a space that gives the opportunity to be more involved with the English language.  Your family will read, do and share fun activities without leaving your home.

Below are some tips to work at home.

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For further information please contact us from:

7:45 a.m to 2:30 pm

Phone(449) 916-15-87 and 9-15-79-76