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Best Buddies is a three-level preschool course that has the opportunity to learn by doing and bringing fun into the English class.

This is about friendship and cooperation.  They will work together and obtain their teacher´s support while they play in the real and imaginary worlds engaging them in different environments and situations.

The approach to this program is multi-sensory. It offers a sound basis for little kids through English-learning experiences.

The main objective of this program is to develop the 4 language skills in a fun way and apply the learning in real life.  They will activate their knowledge by kinesthetic, auditorium and visual ways, connecting the previous to the new ones


This is a space that gives the opportunity to be more involved with the English language.  Your family will read, do and share fun activities without leaving your home.

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For further information please contact us from:

7:45 a.m to 2:30 pm

Phone(449) 916-15-87 and 9-15-79-76